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Discover Hidden Historical Figures In Groundbreaking “Living History” Genre

Insights on Innovation, an indie book publisher in Illinois, announces a new sub-genre for its historical fiction catalog, featuring T.H. Harbinger's “living history” novels.

For almost a decade, author T.H. Harbinger has pushed the limits of historical fiction, centering his books on largely unknown historical figures and stories, while experimenting with form, characterization, and narrative voice. Insights on Innovation's latest announcement is the culmination of Harbinger's work, pushing his unique “living history” novels to the forefront.To learn more, please visit

Books from the “living history” sub-genre are suitable for readers interested in real-life events that have shaped the modern world. With this sub-genre, Insights on Innovation hopes to put a spotlight on hidden historical figures and the ways their lesser-known accomplishments influenced society.“A society's culture is built on women and men who've dedicated their lives to truth and success,” said T.H. Harbinger. “Based on historical events, the stories of farmers, professors, scientists, and business executives who have left an imprint on our way of life are now being revealed for the first time.”

Insights on Innovation features some of T.H. Harbinger's most acclaimed novels, including “America's Dairyland: The Undermining of 14,000 Wisconsin Dairy Farms”, “Gyro Landing: The Sensor That Made The 'Miracle On The Hudson' Possible”, and “M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story Of Viola and Otto Schmitt”.With every novel, Harbinger captures the time period holistically, from architecture, politics, science, and technology, to the unique social dynamics of the era. Each story takes readers on an emotional journey, giving them an intimate view of a foundational moment in world history.

About Insights On Innovation

Insights on Innovation was founded on a mission to bring important yet underappreciated stories to light, and to be intentional and meticulous with every forgotten story it shares with the world.“

At Insights on Innovation, we strive to find and illustrate the hidden stories of men and women who have influenced our culture. We showcase these stories through novels and movies, depicting many ways of life and offering something for everyone. Our stories illustrate the challenges that these people overcame to succeed, not just for themselves, but for the sake of society,” said a spokesperson for the publisher.

Those interested in reading books from the “living history” genre can find more information at

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