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Farming & Food For Better Health: Books & Short Films On US Farm Policy Released

Insights on Innovation, a trusted online hub for relevant current affairs commentary, informative guides, and more, has announced T H. Harbinger’s books and short films on farming, food, and nutrition.

Insights on Innovation is pleased to be partnering with T H. Harbinger to offer their readers and followers new insights into the food culture of America, including current agricultural concerns, USDA policies and the overall state of health and wellbeing in the United States.

Insights on Innovations' new resource comes at a timely moment in which America’s nutrition crisis continues to deepen. As the latest findings from the CDC showcase, only one in ten adults meet the current recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake, the obesity prevalence in the community is now at 41.9% and six in ten Americans live with a chronic disease like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, many of which are also lifestyle diseases.

As T H. Harbinger’s new books and short films make plain, many of these public health epidemics start from corrupt legislature and the nation’s farming crisis, which has led to cheap but highly damaging ingredients like high fructose corn syrup being widely promoted and used in all manner of basic foods.As a spokesperson for Mr. Harbinger and the team at Insights on Innovation said, “Much of what we eat is decided by USDA policy and its submission to big companies. T H. Harbinger’s new books and short films offer the history of bribery, corruption, profiteering, and price-fixing that has established our food industry.

Only by knowing its history can citizens and politicians have a knowledgeable discussion of what is the best way forward to save our health, our land, and our world.”While much of what T H. Harbinger has written is sobering, highlighting the extensive problems with American food and farming culture, and pointing out the disturbing divide between the nation’s poor health and its massive collective wealth, Insights on Innovations’ new resource also offers readers new ways to help support and promote food for better health.Their spokesperson added, “T H. Harbinger’s books also tell the true-to-life stories of the people who have tried to improve farming to create a healthier community and environment.”

Some of the new titles in Insights on Innovations' digital collection include 'The Farm Program: The Competitor Is Our Friend, The Customer Is Our Enemy,' about the USDA Farm Program, and 'America’s Dairyland: The Undermining of 14,000 Wisconsin Dairy Farms.'For more information, visit

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