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T H. Harbinger Book for the Movies

There are literally thousands of films, books, and articles surrounding the tragedy of WW2. Many of these are written from the same perspective - similar stories told through similar eyes made into predicted movie scripts. But now, there is the opportunity to build on a remarkable love story that changed the tides of war. T H. Harbinger's M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story has remained largely hidden from public view, but it's time for the world to finally recognize the significant contribution of Viola and Otto Schmitt.

With the recent news around Spielberg's rumored WWII film focusing on American women's untold stories during the war, Insights on Innovation has highlighted the release of their novel M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story as a possible source for the director's next project. The book reveals the true story of two scientists, Viola and Otto Schmitt, whose inventions helped the Allies win the Battle of the North Atlantic during WWII.

But there are more rumors. Christopher Nolan has received a script based on the novel. It's Dunkirk but with U-boas. It's Oppenheimer but he adores his wife. It's Interstellar but with industrial science.

The company explains why the little-known story of Viola and Otto Schmitt would make an ideal subject for Spielberg's next WWII movie, focusing on the overlooked contribution of American women. As Germany's submarines were winning the Battle of the North Atlantic and starving Britain, this husband-wife scientist team developed secret military technology that helped turn the tide against the Nazis.

Their submarine detector, the Magnetic Anomaly Detector, or MAD System, helped increase U-boat losses and ensured the safe passage of supply ships across the Atlantic. This paved the way for the Allied invasion of North Africa and D-Day, enabling the Allies to ultimately win the war.

Yet, despite the enormous impact of their work, the incredible story of Viola and Otto Schmitt has remained largely unknown and untold for decades due to the secret nature of their project. The historical novel M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story sheds light on their journey for the first time through meticulous research and a gripping narrative.

The book provides insights into the challenges the couple faced, both professionally and in

"This remarkable love story and its impact on history have remained hidden from public view and largely unknown," said Jim Lenz, author of M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story. "My hope is that this book will finally give Viola and Otto the recognition they deserve for their critical contribution to winning WWII."

Read more about the love story of Viola and Otto Schmitt and how they helped to shape the future of war by visiting

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