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These Historical Fiction Novels Use A Groundbreaking Narrative Approach

If you're a fan of history or historical fiction, this groundbreaking book series is for you! Insights on Innovation offers nine of T.H. Harbinger's original "living history" novels, which bring real events and the real people who lived them to life!

If the truth is stranger than fiction, then weaving the truth and fiction together in a hyper-realistic narrative about actual historical events must be the strangest... in the best way!

In this "living history" book series, with T.H. Harbinger's groundbreaking narrative approach to historical fiction, you can truly live in the world, with the characters of each real-life story.

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What's "Living History"?Insights on Innovation offers history enthusiasts and readers of all kinds nine different novel-length books in a brand new genre that the company refers to as "living history".This exciting new genre strives to reshape historical fiction literature, weaving detailed research with a unique, hyper-realistic narrative approach.

Author T.H. Harbinger attempts to create a "living history" for the reader with each of his books by bringing real events to life with all the depth and complexities of the TRUTH. A key part of his new approach is portraying the people who experienced the historical events as realistic character versions of themselves. The author does extensive interviews with these individuals which he then weaves into the stories while also learning more about their complex character traits, demeanors, and memories.All of this allows T.H. Harbinger to create a rich, realistic world that represents each historical event and the people involved as truthfully and specifically as possible, so you can experience it all!

Harbinger's Books. Among the historical events explored by T.H. Harbinger in this book series is a love story between two scientists during the tumultuous World War II era.In another book, a group of doctors and scientists come together in December 1982 to secretly research psychic sciences and the paranormal in something called The Archaeus Project. Disaster Atlas, meanwhile, tells the harrowing story of two co-workers as they experience and escape the September 11th terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in NYC.

A brief synopsis and the cover art for each of T.H. Harbinger's historical novels can be viewed on the Insights on Innovation website. Just click on any title to visit the Amazon page for the corresponding book, read more about the story, and purchase your copy in paperback or as a Kindle ebook!

About Insights on InnovationInsights on Innovation was founded by Jim Lenz, (who writes under the pseudonym T.H. Harbinger), a mechanical engineer who recently turned his expertise and creative thinking toward writing and filmmaking. Along with its "living history" book series, Insights on Innovation offers a range of both short and feature-length films, all of which are showcased on its website. You can click on any feature film icon to view its original trailer and on any short film icon to view the entire piece.Learn more about Insights on Innovation and order any (or ALL!)

T.H. Harbinger's "living history" novel by visiting

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